Aimee & Dickson's Engagement Photos at Scotsdale Farm

These two win the cuteness award! I had the pleasure of working with Aimee & Dickson for their engagement photos at Scotsdale Farm earlier this year – and we had SO MUCH FUN! First, we started off in a random parking lot down the road in nearby Acton, Ontario – because we needed a nice blank wall for a couple ideas we had in mind, like this one:

I'd been wanting to do this pic for so long, and Aimee & Dickson were the perfect, most adorable couple to finally create it with!

I also had this idea I wanted to break out...and the results crack me up, especially Aimee's face in the middle left pic! Love it! These two are seriously too cute...

Afterwards, we zipped over to Scotsdale Farm for some dreamier, romantic Golden Hour of my favourite spots to capture sunset! I loved how comfortable Aimee & Dickson are with each other – there was no hesitation being absolutely silly together, or breaking out their best ballroom dance moves!

No lack of theatrical drama with these two!

And, as the sun dipped lower over the hills at Scotsdale, we waiting until it disappeared and lit up the sky (usually, the moments immediately AFTER sunset are the best for photos!) 

A photo as romantic and colourful as Aimee & Dickson themselves!

So take a trip through their engagement shoot at Scotsdale Farm by clicking any image below to open a big slideshow to swipe through! xoxo S&C