Serina & Feroze's Wedding at Crystal Fountain Event Venue

What an experience Serina & Feroze's epic 2 day wedding celebration was! I've been working with these two for so long, since they booked back in June of 2016 – and their wedding was absolutely everything we had hoped for and talked about. Elegant, timeless, fun, colourful and full of tradition, family and LOVE!

Gorgeous and just like a Prince & Princess! Serina's smile is so contagious...

Their event spanned several venues and locations over the long weekend this past September. We started off at Serina's family home, with bride and groom photos following at Ajax Waterfront Park, and their traditional Islamic wedding ceremony hosted at the Ajax Community Centre. We didn't have a tonne of time - but everything worked in our favour and we captured some super romantic pics along the waterfront!

We zipped over to the nearby Ajax Community Centre for their ceremony, and well...oh my, the music and the atmosphere made my heart flutter. 

Let's all just take a second to absorb how adorable it is that Feroze had "S+F" done in henna on his hand, in a heart? This moment when he slipped the ring on Serina's finger stole my heart...

My wife and I contacted and hired Shawn a year and a half before our wedding. He conducted our engagement and wedding weekend photographs. I have to say: AWESOME! My wife and I were amazed at our engagement photos and even more so when he sent us our teaser photos from our wedding! Shawn Van Daele was our “zen” during the weekend and made us laugh, made us happy and above all else, he was extremely patient.
— Feroze & Serina

Since their celebration spanned two days, I've split the gallery below into first you can swipe through their Islamic Wedding Ceremony pics below, then after that, further down, you'll find the story of Day 2, with their über-fun photos in Unionville and reception at the gorgeous Crystal Fountain Event Centre!

Be sure to scroll further down to view Day 2!

Day 1: Islamic Ceremony at Ajax Community Centre

Day 2: Unionville & The Crystal Fountain Reception we are! Day 2, all a little tired but super excited to see what the day unfolds! A completely different style with a totally vibe...but none the less full of energy, like all Islamic celebrations! We started off covering both Serina & Feroze in their respective rooms at the Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa (wow, that's a mouthful...)

Ughhh...that magical beauty mirror light! And not like Serina needed any help being any more beautiful!

Oh, Reception Day 2 – you were so much fun! Our time in Unionville was a blast – right down to the exploding champagne bottle, vintage Rolls Royce and adorable wedding party (#disgustedweddingparty) photo!

They weren't lying when they called it "Bubbly!"

Seriously – our favourite type of wedding party photo. The REAL kind!

I could keep going, but this post is getting long enough! I do need to give a little nod to the incredible decor at their ultra-elegant wedding reception at the Crystal Fountain Event Venue! To begin, let us all just gaze at the magnificence that is their wedding cake (also known as "work of art"). Created by the über talented Fine Cakes by Zehra. All vendor love & links to be found at the end of the post!

And...those emotional moments, because no wedding isn't complete with some heartfelt, true to the soul, absolute, bottomless love. Like these parent dance photos that make my heart come unstitched...

My wife and I have never met anyone like SHawn and we do not believe we will! He is one in a billion and we are forever grateful for his help during our wedding journey. At some times it was fun as he would ask us to “climb a hill”, “walk through that haunted house”, “pose with that stranger”, “board that plane with this mysterious package and come back by 4pm the next day after you deliver it”....I am kidding of course! Regardless, we would go where he asked us to and pose in fun and candid ways so we can get the shots that we all wanted. The process that we embarked upon with Shawn was worth every penny and we would not trade our experience with him for anything else. He definitely made our weekend seem a lot more fun and we cannot wait for our next shoot with Shawn! Much love!
— Feroze & Serina

Well I can't seem to stop raving about everything, because I just realized I need to give a proper shout-out (again) to how absolutely GORGEOUS Serina was...both days, and in all honesty, every day. Inside and out. Truly. I love her so much and her heart is too big – she emanates her love in a way you won't understand until you spend 2 full days with her!

Well, damn. Serina! You're a Goddess!

Well, hello, Hollywood!

And...of course, you too, Feroze. I'll never forget this moment when you were choked up thanking your best man / pseudo-brother during your speech. We love a good Bromance! xo

And so...please enjoy a trip through Day 2 of Serina & Feroze's epic 2-day wedding celebration!

Click any pic below to open a biggie-sized slideshow to swipe through. Love both of you so much, Serina & Feroze! Thanks for including us in your big day(s)! xoxo

Vendor Love: The Paper Boutique | Nucreation Grooms Attire | Asiyans Brides Attire | The Diamond Guy | Grey Metal Designs | Adorable Cakes | NG Studios | Indeera Persaud / INDSDecor | JD Classic Cars | DJ Kid Xplicit | Tytan Ties | Van Daele & Russell Photography | Ajax Waterfront Park | Ajax Community Centre | Crystal Fountain Event Venue | Fine Cakes by Zehra

BONUS! Check out Serina & Feroze's Wedding Video by the talented NG Studios here: