Kathryn & Dasa's Engagement Photos in Dundas Ontario

Ohhhh what fun I had galavanting the streets of Dundas, Ontario with these two lovely ladies! From the day I met them (ironically also over coffee) I've been looking forward to their session, and we lucked out with their shoot falling smack on the only rain-free day of the week. We met up at the awesome (and super courteous) Detour Cafe in Dundas, Ontario – and just spent time wandering the downtown finding magical little nooks and crannies and chasing the light wherever it went!

Before we wrapped up, I wanted to do a shot of Dasa's engagement ring...so chose the hood of my dark grey truck...dark GREY! This pic is such a good example of how the world around us is so full of life and colour, but it's up to us to reflect that. I love it when a simple pic can become a metaphor for mindful living!

BOOM. That's the prettiest grey truck hood I've ever seen! No crazy photoshop – just super cool reflections of landscape around us!

OMGGG The pics are amazing! You’re amazing! I can’t get over how amazing they are. Thank you sooooo much! You made it so easy and so comfortable! 😁❤️ I just showed my boss and we spent like 5 minutes looking at each picture! AMAZING!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
— Kathryn & Dasa

So please have a trip through Dasa & Kathryn's engagement shoot in Dundas, Ontario, starting at the Detour Cafe (I highly recommend you stop for a coffee and scone if you're passing through!) Stay tuned for their wedding pics next September...it's going to be a long 11 month wait until I get to work with these girls again! xoxo