Aimee & Dickson's Wedding at The Ancaster Mill

Oh, where do we even start to talk about Aimee & Dickson, and their incredible wedding last week at the Ancaster Mill! From the traditional door games to their adorable first smoke grenades in the forest (seriously – so dreamy!) we couldn't be happier with how everything came together! The new Miller's Chapel at Ancaster Mill is such a stunning venue to be married in. Vaulted, cathedral ceiling and gorgeous exposed beams and sparkling chandeliers (plus, high five to the Mill for having such shiny clean floors – they reflect like a mirror!) - it's a new favourite venue of ours for ceremonies! We slipped out during the reception for some magical night photos around the property – the covered bridge, plus one last incredible smoke grenade shot (wait for it, it's pretty epic!).

Thank you both (and all your friends and family!) for such an incredible day. It was fun and our hearts are bubbling over having spent the day with you to document and witness your love. Many happily ever afters! xo S&C

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