Amanda & Andrew's Wedding at the London Convention Centre

Ohhhh Amanda & Andrew. My heart flutters when I think of these two. Their story is the real life "through sickness & health" vows – before they were even married! Amanda was in a devastating car accident shortly after they met – and Andrew stood by her through months (and months, and months) of being in the hospital, recovering. Not only are they a gorgeous couple...they're really, really REALLY good people...and we LOVE them!

Their wedding was super modern, clean, and simple – and also very wet! It poured all day long from when we started at their home in Strathroy to when we wrapped up at the London Convention Centre. Luckily, we secured an amazing studio space and head there after some (damp) photos at Victoria Park. (Amanda said she wanted ultra clean, modern photos...and I think we delivered!). Wishing both of you all the happily ever afters in the world! Keep supporting each other through thick & thin, sickness & health...and your love will stand the test of time! xoxo S&C

Amanda's text to us before they set off on their honeymoon: "Before I sail away for 36 hours I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE OUR PHOTOS!!! I'm so glad I found you...amazing decision! Thank you so much for everything you have done - we love you!!! I think I need to contact a few magazines!"

Click any of the images below to open a big slideshow to swipe through their wedding photos!

Vendor Love: Garber's Bridal • Joseph's Clothiers • Grandma's Oven Bakery & Cakes Inc. • Melo Hair & Beauty Bar • Katie Foster • RL Designs • Van Daele & Russell Wedding Photography's a little behind the scenes shot of Shawn shooting the wedding party on the Victoria Park Bandstand!

BONUS! Have a look at Amanda & Andrew's amazing highlight reel from their wedding day produced by Wyton Weddings (I cried, I'll admit it...)