Christy & Stewart's Wedding at Pondvalley Manor

When I arrived at Christy's on their wedding day – I wasn't prepared for the incredible awesomeness that the day was about to bring! First, I have to preface this by explaining that Christy literally did EVERYTHING for her wedding herself. All the decor. Florals. Signage. Everything. And, it all came together as though a professional wedding planner did it all! And...let's not overlook that all the flowers were from her own garden.

Next – their wedding at Pond Valley Manor in Saint Thomas is a gold mine! It's such an amazing spot with every backdrop imaginable within a few steps. I'd be happy to shoot there every weekend! Their ceremony in front of the pond was emotional with just the right amount of (accidental) humour – all the guests witnessing from bales of straw covered in quilts and blankets Christy sourced herself. And yes, that incredible archway covered in flowers? Ya, she made that too.

All the post-first-kiss feels!

The day started at Christy & Stewart's home, where I managed to capture ring shots suitable for Christy AND Stewart (can you guess whose is whose?)

Which leads me to needing to explain that their wedding was a fusion of rustic country wildflowers and Star Wars Storm Troopers. The perfect compromise, satisfying the boho vibe, complimenting the barn venue, and giving a nod to their shared love of Star Wars! Nothing was typical or cliché and all of it spoke beautifully to who they are as a couple, what binds them together, and most importantly, how it was more than a celebration of their love – it was a celebration of their two families becoming one, with both their sons at their sides (plus they walked down the aisle with massive balloons, which was amazing).

Christy and Stewart gave me creative license to create and capture whatever sort of art I wanted – and I am so grateful! One of my favourite bride and groom pics. Moody, brooding and beautiful!

And then there's this. All the stages of a kiss! Stewart's face in the last pic makes my day!

So, back to Pond Valley Manor, now. I mentioned it has literally everything on site, right? Including an amazing, rusty old vintage truck, fields of corn on every side, a massive, gorgeous barn, pond,'s seriously a photographer's dream! Plus, you can't beat the way light just floods the property at sunset...

And of course – their night photo! Usually one of the last pics we do during the day, Christy & Stewart had a massive bonfire going (because S'mores...) so I set it up downwind of the fire to take advantage of the smoke. And, so very happy I did! (And, PS: the evening dress Christy changed into after the ceremony...ya, she made that, too!)

Thank you, bonfire smoke!

OMG they are so amazing! You don’t understand how much I appreciate everything you see through those eyes of yours! You are truly my Dali (obviously my favourite artist along with Audrey Kawasaki). I love the darker images with the clouds! I am speechless (and that does not happen ever!)
— Christy & Stewart

So, before I give it all away and post all the pics before you even get to the gallery...I have to give a MASSIVE thank you to Christy & Stewart for being so awesome, so open to anything, and so fun to work with! I'm honoured to have been part of your wedding day! xoxo

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